quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2015

Siga esse som!

O "siga esse som" de junho vai ser sobre ele *risos* o queridinho de olhos claros, ou seja, Juca Chuquer. Simplesmente, porque senti saudade de sua voz, letras e melodias. Vai embalar junho sim! 

 A hundred days
Juca Chuquer 

In a hundred days I had to be
the one would make you fall in love again
and it was an honor for me..

In a hundred days I had to show
why you would wanna think of me while you`re far away
and I was a pleasure for me..

and I know you`ll be back someday
and I hope it will be the same..

I don`t wanna be somebody else
I just want to spend more time with you my love..
cause life is short...

Everyday I`ll make you understand..
everyday I`ll sing for you to stay my love..
cause life is short...

don`t let love run away from you
there are only a few things worth it
so keep it, keep it safe